About Us

The Saltarelli Family of Strictly WinesStrictly Wines, a Saltarelli family business since 1990, is a “Brew on Premise” wine making store. The success that Strictly Wines has experienced has been a direct result of their customer service, outstanding wine quality and willingness to work with the client on all levels.

At Strictly Wines, 94 Dunkirk Road, St. Catharines, they will assist you in custom making your wines for any occasion. Whether you want to brew a personal allotment, or you are looking to brew for banquets, bonspiels, retirements or Christmas parties, the Saltarelli’s look forward to servicing you. Over the last few years Strictly Wines has gained a large share of the “Wedding Wine” market. As with any wine, they will adjust the sweetness of the wine to suit your specifications and all bottling needs can be met at an affordable price.